Project Wishlist

OpenPassPhrase is still in its infancy and we need help to make this a viable project. Following are some of the areas where we could use the expertise of skilled developers:


We would love to have a security expert review the implementation for holes and suggest ways of plugging them.

UI Development

We are actively working on an Angular based responsive single page web application. It is a complicated endeavor and could always use more contributors. In addition, you are welcome to propose and work on any other UI solution (including an app for mobile devices).


OpenPassPhrase is currently deployed using Apache server with mod_wsgi. We would like to pursue other methods of deployment, including using various WSGI servers such as uWSGI, CherryPy and GreenUnicorn. Any help creating the necessary collateral (setup files, etc.) would be highly appreciated. Also, to reach a wider audience, it would be helpful to investigate deployment on PaaS providers (Google App Engine, Heroku, etc.)


Currently only a single JWT based authentication scheme is implemented. Integrating multiple additional authentication schemes, including social, oauth2 and single-sign-on, e.g. OpenID Connect would make the end product much more attractive and usable. If you have experience in this field, we welcome your input.

Continuous Integration

We are always looking to improve our flows: code reviews, CI, etc. If you are knowledgeable in setting up CI, using GitHub webhooks and statuses, and integrating 3rd party tools such as Jenkins, Gerrit and others, your contribution and expertise would be very valuable and appreciated.

Miscellaneous Wishilst

  • Docs improvments (diagrams, etc.)

  • Extensive and thorough review of entire code base

  • Detailed and useful code comments