Contribution Guidelines


Currently the workflow consists of a protected master branch which allows merging only via pull requests from other branches. Pull requests must be reviewed and approved by at least one other contributor. Pull requests are also gated by successful status from Travis CI, which runs tests in python 2.7 and 3.5 as well as pep8 checks and docs generation.


Please keep your code pythonic as much as possible. Your contributions will have a better chance of getting approved if your code follows the conventions of the Python community and uses the language in the way it is intended to be used. Any help making existing code more pythonic will be appreciated.

Any code implementing a new feature or functionality is expected to be accompanied by unit and functional tests. Pull requests without tests will most likely be denied!

API changes

The API is expected to be in flux during the initial major development and hardening effort. However, once out of beta, OpenPassPhrase will strive to keep the API consistent and fully backwards compatible. Major breaking APIi changes will either be disallowed or require a new API version to be introduced. Appropriate exceptions may be given on a case by case basis, but the spirit of this guideline shall be followed as much as possible.


When performing code reviews, reviewers are encouraged to keep the comments constructive and to the point. Concentrate on the functionality and potential impact of the changes on the ecosystem, rather than style and trivial matters. This is not meant to discourage feedback of the latter type. Simply state the intent of your suggestion as stylistic or nitpick if that is the case. On the other hand, don’t hesitate to express strong opinions if you feel that a change is not appropriate or incompatible with the project.

In order to perform due dilligence, reviewers should pull down the change and try to test it out in their environment. Don’t approve a change without testing it first!